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Since the pandemic, creating content for social media has been on the rise and quite honestly, it's now the way of the world. EVERYTHING IS CONTENT!  Girl...! I remember when we used to hop on Social Media just for fun, but now its a job...a legit business! Even the big brands are now coming to everyday people like you and I to make content for their products/services.


But what about the business owner who doesn't know where to start and need motivation? Or the entreprenuer who feels like they have to be perfect to show up on Social Media? Even the person who's not too familiar with creating content? I can actually go on and on, but if any of this resonates, then the services below may be for you. To put it short, I GOT YOU! 


Social Media Consulting

A 1 hour Social Media Consultation may be for you if:

  • You're struggling with showing up on Social Media

  • You don't know how to use Social Media to benefit your business

  • You a few have pain points and have questions

  • You need a crash course to create a Reel or TikTok

What's included in the 1:1 Social Media Consultation?

  • During our 60 1:1 Social Media Consultation, we will address your pain points, obstacles and goals.

  • Basic Social Media Audit ( Instagram) 

  • An action plan that will help you show up on Social Media with confidence. 

  • After Call Support:  You will have a 3 day access after our call to email follow up questions or get advice. (During Monday-Friday business hours 10am-5:30pm) 

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Content Creation Day

Content Creation Day may be for you if:​

  •  You need assistance with filming video,

  • You need assistance with coming up content ideas and knowing how to use the it.

  • You need that extra motivation to create content



What's included in the 1:1 Social Media Consultation?

  • 4 hours

  • (1) 1-hr Preparation Call before Content Creation Day

  • Film short form videos for Tik Tok & Reels 

  • Edit 2 Tik Tok/Reels (Done for you)

  • We will Create and Schedule out content: Static & video posts

  • Brainstorm Session on any ideas you may have for content or your business.

  • Up to 3 locations

  • As many outfits you'd like to wear

Content Creation Day can be held at a natural light studio, your office, a coffee shop, just to name a few locations. This day could look like "A day in your life" , BTS of what you do, displaying your products or services and etc. During our Content Creation Day, we will also spend time to create static and video posts. Schedule a 20 minute Discovery Call to learn more. .

Investment starts at $500

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Instagram Audit

A Social Media Audit may be for you if:​

A Social Media Audit for Instagram will provide clarity on what's working and areas of opportunities. I will review your bio, insights, posts and hashtags. Once you complete a short intake form, I will conduct an audit on your Instagram account. After the audit has been completed, a written analysis  will be sent via email.

  • You need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your profile and content

  • You need analyze the effectiveness of your content, including what resonates with your audience. 

  • You need to ensure that your social media strategy aligns with your overall business goals and objective

  • You want to gain an understanding of your current audience and if they align with you ideal target audience. 



What's included in a Social Media Audit?

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Brand Photography

You may need branding photography if you're :

  • Rebranding your business

  • Launching a new business

  • Wanting to show your face more or,

  • Needing to update your brand image and etc

Investment starts at $600

Headshots only investments starts at $300

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