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Hey girl! I'm so glad we found each other!

I capture and highlight the confidence of women through brand visual storytelling!


Meet Chiajunna

My name is Chiajunna, but friends call me Chi Chi. I'm Atlanta based photographer who has a passion in helping women entrepreneurs elevate their business through consistent content creation.


When I'm not capturing my clients' smiles, I love to put a smile on my son's face, spend time in the great outdoors, and enjoy a delicious taco or two (and a glass of margaritas!).


Lets  talk Branding Photography

So, first I want to say                             on taking the step to push your brand to the next level!

Whether you are a creative, an influencer or entrepreneur having photos bring life to your brand. Creating a visual story will give clarity about your brand and attract your intended audience. And I'm your right hand chick for that! 

I'm here to help you show up with                       in your brand while producing authentic and consistent content. Scroll down a little more to see what this process will look like. 

Your             starts at $600




Who are my clients ?

  • Business Coach

  • Content Creators

  • Photographers

  • Therapist

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Hair Educator

  • Entrepreneurs and more! 


Trust  the process!

Discover: This is a great opportunity for us to ask questions, learn more about my service and your business, and determine if we're a great match! Discovery calls typically lasts about 15-20 minutes.

Plan: YES! We're a great match! You paid your retainer and booked session online, now its time for planning! After you've officially booked, we will schedule a pre session strategy call to plan your session. During the strategy call we will discuss location ideas, props to bring, makeup and wardrobe. We will also discuss the goal we're intending to achieve for your session. 

Execute: It's session day! Relax girl, I got you!  This is where the real fun begins. You're gonna show up ready to slay while listening to Beyoncé...or whomever you like to vibe! LOL 
Okay but seriously, I want you to be comfortable and confident during you session. This translate in your photos. Don't worry about posing, I'm here to coach you throughout your entire session. 

Ready to invest in yourself?

Client Love  

I love the way Chiajunna is able to hear by vision

and then bring them to life. I HATE taking professional pictures because it always feels so fake and uncomfortable, but she puts me in my zone immediately and ensures that I'm comfortable. I'm looking forward to my next session.

Andrea H.


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